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The following files are provided as PDF documents.

TN01 - Common Calculations
TN02 - Lon Works
TN03 - Should Haves For Today’s Logger
TN04 - Introduction To Serial Communications
TN05 - Math Template
TN06 - Intelligent Multidropping Device
TN07 - Fieldbus
TN08 - Slot Assignments for pluggable cards in the CPP-4794
TN09 - Meteorological Calculations
TN10 - Internal DAC outputs
TN11 - Time & Date or Configuration Loss
TN12 - PC or No PC
TN13 - Serially Controlled Calibrations
TN14 - Comm Port Test
TN15 - To PLC or Not To PLC
TN16 - List of Manufacturers
TN17 - Long Term Data Storage (PCMCIA)
TN18 - Features Of LCD Front Panel
TN19 - Space/Comma Delimited ASCII Data Transfer
TN20 - Internal Diagnostic Buss
TN21 - Configuration Upload/Download
TN22 - External I/O of CPP
TN23 - PCMCIA Recording Format
TN24 - Rolling Averages
TN25 - CPP Keyins
TN26 - A/D Calibration
TN27 - Curve Fit - Linearization
TN28 - Transparent Mode For Instruments
TN30 - RJ11 • RS-232 Interface
TN31 – PC Instrument Status Commands
TN32 – DigiMux – DigIO Modbus Interfacing
TN33 – CPP - Modbus Outputs
TN34 – Features of CPP-3794 & CPP-2001
TN35 – Modbus Definitions
TN36 – Off Line Pass Through
TN37 – Definition of Binary Status Codes
TN38 – Auto Printouts (coming soon)
TN39 – Special Protocols
TN40 – List of CPP Keyins
TN41 – CPP Comm Ports RS-232---RS-422/485 Conversion
TN42 – CFM Recording Format
TN43 – Operator Message
TN44 – CPP-4794 Rear Panel
TN45 – CPP With IP Address
TN46 – Feedback Loops in CPP
TN47 – Digital Weighing